August 24, 2004, 9 PM


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starring Michael Chick, Arlette Del Toro, and August Wilson
written by Jamie Hook & Deb Girdwood
directed by Jamie Hook (2003)


"Supposing truth were a woman...."

When Henry Rawitscher, PhD Candidate in Philosophy, is given two weeks to finish his dissertation--an, "Ontological Proof for the Existence of Others"--his life is thrown into stress-related chaos. The sudden appearance of a mysterious pregnant woman, who may or may not actually exist, doesn't help matters. As this Anti-Muse increasingly invades Henry's ordered life, she begins to take an inexorable toll on Henry's already tenuous sanity, with unexpected results.

Combining a playful sense of cinema with a wide-ranging--if lighthearted--examination of some of the key ideas of Philosopy, "The Naked Proof" is an utterly original take on the old 'boy-meets-girl' scenario, in which the boy may be mad, the girl may not exist, and nothing may be taken for granted--except perhaps the impossibility of proving anything at all.

WINNER! Special Jury Prize, Seattle International Film Festival
WINNER! Best Debut Feature, Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival
BEST UNDISTRIBUTED FILM, 2003: The Village Voice

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96 Minutes, Pinwheel Pictures, 2003